A Precursor to Derivation of Planck’s Constant using Classic Mechanical Laws

Matovu Anthony, a Ugandan Scientist has finally articulated the reality of magnetic monopoles, which accordingly are the ultimate elementary particles of all matter. These are self-contained elements bearing with them all aspects of matter, like mass, color and magnetic interactive forces.

CHAPTER I: THE NORTH AND SOUTH POLE MAGNETS: Basis for Derivation of Planck’s constant Using Classic Mechanical Laws

The elementary particles cannot be annihilated, ever fully magnetized and have an inherent capacity of auto-reproduction, where the product inherits all the attributes of the parent monopole, without the latter losing anything in turn. The particles can switch polarities during their circulation, in say permanent magnets or active electric conductors. The elusiveness of magnetic monopoles is associated with a technical oversight made by earlier Scientists, when they held that magnetic field lines of forces are continuous from/to the South to/from North pole of a dipolar magnet. This mistake led to the conclusion that the North and South magnetic fields are indistinguishable; or more precisely that: . In this work, the field lines about a bar magnet are shown to be discontinuous about the symmetrical center of the bar magnet; and hence un-contaminating. Several other verifiable grounds referenced, provide strong indicators to the indubitable existence of magnetic monopoles. The most salient of these is situated in the definition of magnetic charges, which together with other associated products, are instrumental in the derivation of Planck’s constant, using Classic Mechanical Hooke’s Law and the Newton’s second Law of motion. The parametric derived form of Planck’s constant not only confirms the Classic Mechanical’s ability to predict the particle and wave phenomena of sub-atomic particles, but also its superiority over Quantum Mechanics, in forecasting the meaning and causality of the so-called ‘dark energy/matter’. Clearly, when some purging is done of Quantum Mechanics’ propositions, the long-awaited for bridge between Classic and Quantum Mechanics becomes a reality.