Returns a  Hybridized Active EARTH MAGNET

In Chapter 1, the existence of the elementary unlike magnetic monopole particles and sampling of their functionality was satisfactorily done. The derivation and quantification of Planck’s constant using Hooke’s and the Newton’s second law of motion, under the proficiency of the unlike magnetic monopoles, confirmed the Classical Mechanic’s fundamental capacity to predict the sub-atomics’ particle – wave phenomena as against the hitherto sole claim of such capacity by Quantum Mechanics.


Further, the Planck’s constant derivation, explicates the constant’s parametric character. The latter format appears to have eluded the Quantum Mechanics holders, who in the end projected just 1/6th (≈ 16.67 %) of the available energy from rotary sub-atomic systems; while predicting the 5/6 (≈ 83.33 %) portion of the identifiable energy to proceed from some ‘fictitious dark energy/mass’ sources! In this study the foregone serves to prove the inadequacy of Quantum Mechanics in predicting phenomena in the sub-atomic sector, thereby leaving Classic Mechanics as the most accurate tool to elucidate sub-atomic phenomena.

The exploration done of the Earth magnet as constructible using the unlike magnetic monopoles is a sample of how the elementary particles are instrumental and indispensable in expounding complicated and naturally occurring macro-systems, of which the Geomagnet is part. In this first part of Chapter 2, a few actions of the Geomagnet are discussed including those that have dazzled human beings for centuries; and these include among others:

  • The hybrid nature of the Earth magnet as reason, among others for the varied magnetic compass behavior over the Earth’s surface
  • The existence of four Hemispheres and their Wind-systems as a function of the Earth magnet
  • The impossibility of the Geomagnet to undergo polar reversals
  • The un-tenability of the ‘death – rise’ theories of Earth magnetism
  • The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn’s polar-magnetic strengths and causality of ‘deadly’ twister phenomena about them and their neighborhoods
  • The clockwise and anticlockwise whirlwind and water whirlpool phenomena in the four Hemispheres
  • The Geomagnet’s determination of Latitudes and Longitudes as real entities. Four new key Latitudes are articulated and named.

In the second part of Chapter 2, the main issue therein concerns the Earth’s movements as determined by the hybridized Geomagnet’s structure and functionality plus various implications thereof; including maintenance of all biological life.

In sum, the unlike magnetic monopoles are the fundamental tool in the explication of behavior of matter both at the sub-atomic and macro levels; indeed as discussed in Chapter 3, these 2 ultimate elementary particles constitute all matter that possesses mass, as we know it to-date.

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Author: Anthony Matovu

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