Chapter 3A: ELEMENTARY or FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES – The Quantum Mechanical Version

THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES – The Quantum Mechanics’ Version
The search into the constitution of the Standard Model’s elementary particles as defined
by Quantum Mechanics, has added the Newton’s Universal Gravitation Constant G,
among those constants that are, for the first time, derived using Classic Mechanical Laws
and Methods. The other constants already derived similarly and for the first time, include:
Planck’s Radiation Constants h; the reduced Planck’s Constant ћ and the Classic
Mechanical version of the velocity of light c.

Chapter 3A : THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES – The Quantum Mechanics’ Version

The four constants (h, ћ, G, c), are so central in supplying the broad roots of the
elementary particles as constructed in Quantum Mechanics. These are thought to be
universal natural constants, whose inherent function is to explicate the universe or natural
laws of physics. In addition, they are the ultimate basic components of natural law and
hence, they are only measurable and non-derivable. However, in this work, all the four
constants have been shown to be derivable from Classic Mechanical Laws and Methods!
Quantum Mechanics’ logic and its relative-subjective type of scientific modeling, allows
it to ring-fence its internal mechanisms by postulating (in disguise) the ‘existence’ of two
worlds; namely the non-dimensional universe and the dimensional (Fermion) earth. In
the former, all elements exist as indistinguishable individual elements; while the latter is
constituted by void or shell elements which wait to be populated by the contents from the
universe world so as to attain full being and functionality. The transfer between the
universe and earth worlds is implemented via Bosons, which particles are held to have
the capacity to sieve their respective ‘cargoes’ from the universe world and hurl the same
into the (Fermion) earth world.
However, normal logic and known objective scientific methods break down, when
Quantum Mechanics recourses to non-dimensional laws and theories it associates with
the universe world and uses them to populate elements of the Standard Model,
purportedly placed in the earth world. This renders the eventual Standard Model very
much estranged from the normal reality and complex; to the extent that, each statement
pertaining to the Standard Model attracts barrages of reactive-comments!