Letter to President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump: America has All the Equipment to Effect Direct Isolation (Diagnosis) and Safely Flush Out HIV, SARS – CoV – 2, Ebola etc.. from the Human Bodies, but it Lacks the Science to Functionalize them Maximally:

I go by the name of Anthony Matovu (aka Lubega), a PhD Researcher from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) in the School of Engineering of Makerere University, Kampala Uganda. I am also registered with the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology (UNCST), and referenced as: SIR26ES. My thesis title runs as: “G (giga) Therapy: a Classical Mechanical Resonance Tool for HIV Cure”. The main expose on the current subject is found in the annex to this article found at: www.engmatovuresearch.net under the title: ‘Proposed Biomechanical Resonance Tool for HIV/AIDS and SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Cure’

President Trump, I write this article to alert you (and other world leaders at large) to the fact that I have acquired three laboratory equipment made in your country; and I have used them to directly isolate HIV from an infected blood sample and to put HIV organisms out of action (in vitro case). These tools are: 1. 40 – 2000x simul-focal trinocular compound microscope + 5 MP camera (SKU: T370B – 5MA); 2. an analog signal generator, by Keysight Agilent…and 3. a pyramidal horn antenna, by Microwave Vision Group (MVG). Common to all the three equipment is that they are made in USA and that when the trio is mobilized appropriately they are enough to solve humanity’s current (and past pandemics), of which HIV, COVID-19, Ebola H. fever form part.

I have provided a sketch of the procedures (in the annexed document) as to how I managed to isolate HIV organisms from an HIV infected blood sample. After the observations made, I dare to refer HIV organisms as animals, for they are live, very mobile, move about in a pulsating manner, and they act ‘intelligently’ (the rest of the other descriptions are given in the annexed document). You may also wish to have a peep at your YouTube by plowing the following phrase and get a glimpse (green video clip) of live HIV animals in an infected blood sample (The “see and kill” strategy against HIV).

While I have not sketched out in details the procedure regarding how I effected an HIV death-trap (in vitro though), it all remains to be asserted here that, given proper settings of an analog signal generator and its associated antenna, the HIV animals are extinguishable. Again further details on the subject are found in the annexed document.

At this juncture, one might wonder, how the complex themes of pandemics become solvable by just simple approaches, using three simple equipments like the ones I have underlined above! Yes, even the answer is equally simple – it all required to embrace a swift in the science paradigm under which the direct isolation and annihilation of HIV were projected and effected. I have made several arguments and provided scientific evidences in my main thesis work, excepts of which are provided in the annexed document, spelling out how the prevalent physics, namely Quantum Mechanics (QM) proposes several hypotheses, which are not only indefensible scientifically, but also stand to inhibit new discoveries in the realm of true science.

On the other hand, I have found, with scientific evidence, how Classical Mechanics (CM), another branch of physics, offers a more precise platform/paradigm under which accurate predictions of phenomena at sub-atomic (microscopic) levels can be achieved. It is that simple, though difficult to take in, for practically all existing scientists have been taught to think otherwise! Under CM paradigm, the 3 listed equipments have been found in my research work, to satisfactorily benchmark the efforts we need to directly isolate, diagnose in real time, the nano-pathogens traumatizing human beings as well as flushing them out (even from their reservoir hide-outs) and safely from the human bodies. With the 3 tools, you ‘deal with or kill what you see’; you do not need to wait to see symptoms. Clearly, cases of asymptomatic carriers do not arise!

Now, President Trump, what is there to wait for than leading the world leaders into crafting clinical apparatus based on the above discoveries and get the work done! It is that very cheap and effective. For example, the microscope set costs less than $ 1000, and depending on the expertise of the laboratory technician, it may take less than 1 min between drawing the specimen and returning the results, either at the eyepiece or on.

monitor of the computer! Besides the tool is re-usable and is hence not only an effective equipment as it does not require threshold of pathogens to run into action (as current indirect, anti-body test methods usually require), but also cheaper in gross time usage than the current indirect, anti-body based test kits. The only challenge here resides with possible contamination at the 3D stage and/or the objective lens surface. The in vitro annihilation case requires about 10 – 15 min; which may (under projection) translate into less than 30 min for a single round of constant radiation of the entire human body (dose?). By the way, the radiation referred to here is non-ionizing; its frequency range is about a billion times less than the x-ray radiation. The G Therapy’s frequency range of operation ranges between the safe Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) frequency bracket; hence the safety of the proposed therapy.

On my part, I remain to share the parameters (analog signal generator-inputs based on the CM principles) I project as optimum to hunt down the 3 to 4 nano-pathogen invaders safely from the human bodies (namely: HIV, SARS-CoV-2, Flue, Ebola); while trusting that the patent issues cropping out of these tests remain assigned to me. Let me know whether you have picked interest and look forward to setting your scientists to do the probe and I shall do the needful (there are no hidden costs in providing you with the data).

Finally, let me reiterate here, that while I used HIV specimen to run the above tests, the same mechanical procedures apply to other viruses like the 4 I have listed above. I stand to welcome any constructive questions, positive criticisms, as well as to learn from those scientists, who might manage to come to the same results as I have managed to or beyond (I do not expect to receive computer simulated images – Thank you).


Anthony Matovu

Email: mlubega2001@yahoo.com

Mob.Tel: + 256 772 411 103