At any rate, and irrespective of any degree of criticism against the concept of booming the ‘eye’ of the hurricanes and their associated various categories, particularly in their nascent stages, these weather ‘dinosaurs’ are easily tameable under calculated safe interventions.

In my studies, whose draft submissions appear under: Chapter 2A, I tried to present an analytical approach towards the management of the said weather mass disaster-procuring agents. The treatise of the subject approached the matter from the causality point of view and ended by suggesting an effective way of counteracting the lethal machinery of the hurricanes.

On reading the current debate on whether to nuke the ‘eye’ of the hurricane locus early enough before it gains serious construction or not; and the possible negative collaterals or not, a critical mind determines that the issue runs about the suitable technology to be employed for the job and not the subject. Clearly, it must be only cultivated pessimists who should think that the proposal to annihilate the hurricane machinery is impossible!

It is my earnest prayer that President Trump should not be intimidated to the extent of making possible political retraction of this ingenious proposal of booming the hurricane eye before whole constructs land to kill Americans helplessly. President Trump should therefore go ahead to get his scientists develop a healthy but efficient tool to deriver his American nationalistic dream of shelving his peoples from the hurricane menace.

As can be deciphered from the research work cited above, the method for managing the hurricane and comparable disasters is a possible venture, particularly, if it is approached from the causality point of the issue. The utmost greater news is that, once such intervention is found, it shall be destined to apply world-wide for the safety of all mankind.

About the author:

Anthony Matovu is currently a PhD student at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda as he strives to come up with a tool to effect direct isolation of HIV particles and safe annihilation of HIV pathogens.